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Employee of the Year Award

Remember your first job? Were you that employee who just showed up so they could collect a pay cheque, or the kid who raised the bar for everyone else? Likely you, like most of us, were one of each depending upon the job and the situation. But I ask you this; how great did it feel when you were recognized for a job well-done and you knew that you earned it?

I look back fondly on past work experiences. What I hated to do, loved to do and ultimately hoped to do was shaped along the way. Employers mentored me, held me accountable, taught, praised, disciplined and put their trust in me. The very, very best employers identified and nurtured talents and strengths and let me lose to do what I was good at. Their praise, encouragement and recognition spurred me on to new paths and greater confidence. Inspiring people is a key ingredient to the success of a company - because people are your greatest resource.

This year I was invited to attend the Youth Friendly Business Awards and the mentorship responsibility of being an employer really hit home. Not just as it relates to youth, but as it relates to the appreciation and respect for the people who make your life a heck of a lot easier. Those who meet and exceed expectations, and those who lead.

Nominating someone you employ is not a way to say thank you - after-all you pay them to do their job. Nominating an employee is the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae, it spurs them on, inspires them and at the end of the day makes them feel good.

If you manage or employ someone that fits the bill as a stand-out employee they have likely already sprung to mind. Consider taking the time to nominate them for the Employee of the Year Award. Your thoughtful responses to the application questions will be appreciated.  

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